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#1 Top Custom Shard – UO Evolution “The Game has Evolved!” – Premium Listing
UO Evolution – Top custom Ultima Online Freeshard

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UO Evolution – Top Ultima Online Freeshard #1 RunUO Shard Emulator! Log in and play for FREE! UO Evolution is the best Ultima Online, RunUO emulator, freeshard and is ranked #1 by the community in the UO custom freeshard category! We are also the top shard on 30 Ultima Online top lists. UO Evolution is a unique shard that develops it’s own exclusive content, along with including the best aspects of the original AOS, SE, ML and SA expansions. The shard has been online over 6 years, 10,000+ accounts and an average of 500+ players online, peaking around 600+ during prime time events We are on an ultrafast new dedicated private server. Our ping times are also the fastest in the top 10 freeshard list!

Top 10 Custom Era Shards

#1 Top Custom Shard – UO Evolution
UO Evolution freeshard banner
#2 Top Custom Shard – Excelsior
#3 Top Custom ShardUO Roleplay
#4 Top Custom ShardElder Ultima
#5 Top Custom ShardDark Crusaders
#6 Top Custom ShardAlexandria
#7 Top Custom ShardPandora
#8 Top Custom ShardLost City
#9 Top Custom Shard – Add your shard here!
#10 Top Custom ShardUO Central
uoc banner

Top 10 T2A/UO:R Era Shards

#1 Top ShardUO Forever
#2 Top Shard – UO Renaissance
#3 Top ShardUO Secondage
#4 Top ShardUO Revolution
#5 Top ShardUO Lostlands
#6 Top ShardZenvera
#7 Top ShardParadise Found
#8 Top ShardABC UO
#9 Top ShardUO Wars
#10 Top Shard – Add your shard here!